JDownZ is a multi-threaded download manager, written in Java. It uses segmentation along with multi-threading to achieve higher download speed. It supports a maximum of 20 threads per download. Using the maximum number of threads does not always provide the highest speeds. Depending upon the configuration of your internet connection, using lower number of threads might sometimes be faster. It also provides facilities like remote download requests and file transfers across the internet.

The goal of JDownZ is to provide a free, cross-platform muti-threaded download manager. Though the current version provides much smaller feature set than many other download managers, it also provides certain unique features which are not found in others. Support for more protocols and features like download scheduling can be expected in upcoming versions.

JDownZ is a free software distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2. You are allowed and encouraged to modify and redistribute it, as long as you comply with the license.

To know the latest features available in JDownZ, visit the What's New? page.